Months, and months, and months…

Seriously, it really has been a very long time since I have posted. I have been inspired to do a bit more blogging by my friend Sophie, over at Sophie Makes Stuff. I like to blog, I like to share, I even suppose there are times that I overshare. haha, but that’s simply me! 🙂

So, what have I been up to all this time away. Too much to really get into, but we have been on vacations, moved to a new house, remodeled our new house, changed my business name, stopped doing photography, started doing photography(again), got a new vehicle, got a new job, and have seriously been busy. I would say that is the shortened version.

Family Vacation!!
Family Vacation!!

This past week I made one of the biggest changes for our family. I started training to be in the food service at our high school. It seems to be the perfect fit, doing things that I already have been doing at home for the past 17 years…cooking, serving, and cleaning. I will work 4 hour shifts, 5 days a week. It will still give me the chance to get crafty at home and keep things straightened up, while giving us some extra income for fun vacations, and more house remodeling. I will also be able to be home and available for the girls when needed.

I am unsure yet, as to how this will affect my businesses and exactly what I will do with them. Recently, I was reading Sophies blog, and she was talking about letting hobbies stay hobbies. So much of that hit home for me, because as much as I love to do all the crafting, once you put it into a business format it becomes work. I am very sure that I will still sell some of my crafts, I mean I better, I have a whole craft room dedicated to it for pete’s sake. However, I won’t feel that constant pressure to produce or I won’t make money. Which has been a stress for me for years. It was  NEVER a stress that my husband put on me, it has always just been self inflicted. He has been completely supportive of me and every little crazy idea that I have had, and I can’t thank him enough for that!

So with all of that being said, I am also now going to try and blog more. Keep it updated. Share the crafty things I do and hopefully inspire others to get crafty themselves.

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for still following this blog that has been quiet for over a year!!



1 thought on “Months, and months, and months…

  1. Aw Cilicia I’m so happy for you! I feel that (self-inflicted) pressure to bring in an income so much too, especially now that the kids are in school fulltime. I worry about those “but what do you DO all day?” comments hahaha! I’m so glad you found a part time job that will work so wonderfully with your schedule!

    Here’s to crafting just to craft, and still earning fun money for vacations and projects 🙂

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