June 1, 2012 / Game changer

Since my last post was early May, I figured I at least better write something now that it is June!  Where have I been?  What have I been up to?

The answer to that is simple: living.  Mostly I have been busy with family life, getting things in order for summer vacation, preparing for the children to be home, getting my health back, crocheting, photography, and whatever came up on the calendar (and there was a lot!).

Yesterday I was trying to think about what to write about, after some brain storming, I figured it out: 

The Game Changer

There are many things that have happened in my life that have been out of my control, things that the Lord gave me to deal with.  Some I am very thankful for, some I wonder why?  He has given me also the ability to make decisions…choices.

There have been three times in my life where I took the way things were and changed my way of thinking and followed a different path.  They were game changers.  I very literally can remember the words I said out loud, where I was when those decisions were made, and how it changed things.  I am at a point where I am having this feeling again, right now, and I hope that one day when I look back, I will remember this time as the fourth game changer.  For now it’s a waiting game to see if it indeed is a game changer or not. 

It doesn’t matter much to anyone else what these things have been, but I wonder if you have had these moments.  I am not talking about the daily decisions, the chocolate or no chocolate (we all know the answer to that anyway- yes chocolate), but something that was in your control and you changed the path?  How did it make you feel?


I guess that is all for now.  Think about your game changers – if you have had any yet.  If you haven’t then think about what you can change or your paths and decide if you perhaps can make a game day decision…something that will change everything…


I am not too sure that any of this made sense to anyone other than me, but I thought I would share anyway 🙂  Have a wonderful June!!





1 thought on “June 1, 2012 / Game changer

  1. Your post made perfect sense to me, lol!

    I’ve had my share of game changers. Some ended up being great decisions, and some not so great, but either way they were my decisions and make me who I am. I’d rather go through life with consequences that weren’t exactly what I planned than sit there and wonder “what if?”.

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